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Scholar Records was established in 2015 by Stefan Harper. Scholar's primary aim is to represent music primarily from genres such as Rnb, Neo-Soul, Soul, Soulful House, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Blues, Afrobeat, Reggae, Gospel, Rock etc. However, the label is not too concerned with genre as long as the music that it releases fits in with the overall sound and feel of the label - music brings all kinds of suprises.

In time we hope to offer much more music and merchandise from a variety of artists.


Personas 'Get Here' released

Personas releases single 'Get Here'

10th July 2018

Personas has released the first single on Scholar Records. It's comprised of two tracks named 'Get Here' which has a funky garage feel and 'Shedini' which house listeners should feel at home with.

Digital only for now

10th July 2018

At this point in time we are restricting our first bulk of releases to digital formats with the aim of physical release in the future.

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