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Listen to Russell William - 'Tune Into My Thoughts' on YouTube

23rd May 2020

Listen to D Levy - 'Restance' on YouTube

29th November 2019

Russell William 'Talk to Me' OUT NOW

Russell William 'Talk to Me' OUT NOW

14th June 2019

Russell William 'Talk to Me' draws attention to the mental health crisis revealing that it's good to talk to those closest to us in times of hardship.

Personas 'Get Here' released

Personas releases single 'Get Here'

10th July 2018

Personas has released the first single on Scholar Records. It's comprised of two tracks named 'Get Here' which has a funky garage feel and 'Shedini' which house listeners should feel at home with.

Digital only, for now...

10th July 2018

At this point in time we are restricting our first bulk of releases to digital formats with the aim of physical release in the future.

Send in your tracks

10th July 2018

We're searching for music from any genre. It can be a song, a dance track, commercial or underground it doesn't matter - the only requirement is that it is tasteful and has substance which is a word that is going to be pedalled in excess until it hits home. Musicians and independant labels say it all the time: "it has to be unique" but not dull = when all is said and done people have to like it.

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Russell William - 'Tune Into My Thoughts' Buy Russell William - 'Tune Into My Thoughts' Listen to Russell William - 'Tune Into My Thoughts' preview

Tune Into My Thoughts
Russell William

D Levy - 'Restance' Buy D Levy 'Restance'

D Levy

Russell William - 'Talk to Me' Buy Russell William - 'Talk to Me' Listen to Russell William 'Talk to Me' preview

Talk to Me
Russell William

Personas - 'Get Here' Buy Personas Get Here Listen to Personas 'Get Here' preview

Get Here

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